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What Students Are Saying

4.04 Average Rating
Study hard and don't get distracted by everything there is to do on campus. Mizzou is a lot of fun, buzzing with constant activity between sports, concerts, speakers and other special events but you can't let that get in the way of your academics. Mizzou is an educational facility first and they won't waste time letting you know that. Make sure you find the right group of people to be around who can help you succeed and have fun. Also, as in much of life, listening to those who have experienced it can help a lot so take as much advice from upperclassmen as possible. Finally, and this applies to any school, DON'T OVER WORK YOURSELF. When you're first registering for classes they're going to try and get you to sign up for about 16+ hours, DON'T LET THEM! It's important to remember that as an incoming freshmen you're adjusting to a new lifestyle and a new way of learning so take it easy your first semester. Start with around 12-14 credits (unless you have a scholarship that says otherwise... than do the bare minimum you have to do for them) so you can get settled and comfortable. Then second semester you can start to add more hours.
Philip from Saint Louis, MO
Say hi to everyone on your floor, that will be your family and home away from home, at least until you start meeting people in your 500+ student lecture halls.
Join clubs or do intramural sports, its a great way to relieve stress and to do something you enjoy while networking and meeting new people.
Use your resources- YOU ARE PAYING FOR SCHOOL, and basically a lot of salaries around there so don't let anyone a professor, TA or tutor take advantage of that, get help when you realize you need it and before it becomes too late. Some classes you only get 3 grades and after a bad one it is hard to bring it up.
Ashley from troutman, NC
ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS attend class. I was sitting in a lecture hall when one third of the class decided to leave early. The professor ended up giving everyone who stayed 10 extra credit points on the final exam.

Make sure you take good notes, make friends, and have study groups. Having friends in a class will be the most beneficial thing.
Tiffany from Waterloo, IL
if you go to this school, don't walk in and get pulled in by all the frills and thrills that the school offers. stay focused on your work, study, and then, if you have time, work in extra stuff that you can do on times when you have a gap between classes. don't forget, find scholarships and loans that you can use to pay for tuition and other costs. when looking at loans make sure it can be easily payed off later, you don't want it hanging over your head long after your out of school. find local jobs that can be easily worked into your school schedule and work for classes, my suggestion would be, if you like working with kids, adventure club. adventure club staff is predominantly college students and works great with any class schedule. finally, don't overload yourself with tons of extras and credit hours just because it says in your degree qualifications, this is only recommended for the students who want to get out quickly and are able to take the load. but don't let all of this bum you out, have fun when it's appropriate and find good friends that can help you through school but not act as a distraction/easy-way-out.
Andrew from Nixa, MO
Basically, I'd have to say what one of the other reviewers said, and that's STAY FOCUSED. Mizzou has a ton of great opportunities and so much to do, but you're really here for one reason and that's to get an education. It's easy to get distracted but if you just TIME MANAGE a little bit, you'll be fine. Just don't get behind on your work, and ask for help if you need it. If there's one thing Mizzou has, it's plenty of help.
Azia from Columbia, MO
for future students, i would say to make sure that you keep up with your studies. with all the activities and fun available, it is easy to get distracted. definitely make frequent appointments with your major advisor and purposefully get to know all of your professors.
My main tip is to apply for the incoming student scholarship that is due on December 15 every year. There are many scholarships that this application automatically applies you for, and most students get at least one. My other tips include applying for the FAFSA early, getting involved as quickly as possible, and to try lots of new things to meet people.
Paige from Saint Peters, MO
You don't have to know what you intended major will be! Undecided is the third most popular choice for undergrads on campus. Take classes that could potentially guide you to your eventual major.
Bryndon from KC
Get involved! It helps your chances of receiving a scholarship. Keep you GPA high, even though it seems easy to get in. They don't just give away scholarships here. Also, do a campus visit make sure you like the campus and it feels comfortable.
Ashley from Saint Louis, MO
Look for financial aid soon, and make sure it is the right place for you. Other than that, there's nothing holding you back from a wonderful college experience other than yourself. Good Luck!!
Paige from Phillipsburg, MO

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