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What Students Are Saying

4.07 Average Rating
While living in an exciting area definitely has its perks, the most important thing to remember is that you are there to go to school, and that if you don't focus on your classes, you might not be there much longer! Sure, parties are fun, but make sure you create a balance in your life of work and play. It's important to meet new people too, and to go out into the city to see what it has to offer. Keeping this in mind - be safe! While the campus is extremely safe, don't be stupid! You are still living in an urban area, so use common sense.
Lauren from Harrison City, PA
-Since Pitt has endless things to do, it will be easy to overestimate your time and overbook yourself. Looking through the list and going to the activities fair, you will want to do everything. Commit to one or two clubs you really care about, and visit the rest whenever they have big events open to everyone.

-Be open to meeting people different than what you're used to. Pitt isn't the most diverse school percentage-wise, but since it has over 15000 kids, it still adds up.

-Take advantage of O-Week! Lots of schools don't offer anything like it, and it's a super easy way to learn about the school, make friends, and get a ton of free stuff, so go to as many events as you can.

-Don't spend the next ~100 days wasting away in Oakland. Pittsburgh is a city known for it's diverse neighborhoods and the bus is free with your Pitt ID, so you should do something in all of them at least once (cultural district, south side, shadyside, squirrel hill, lawrenceville, east liberty, waterfront, north shore).

-Take advantage of the internship/volunteering opportunities of living in a big city. Leadership in Action is a program that gives you experience working on a special project for a local nonprofit. First Experiences in Research is also a great program, and not just for STEM majors. They have projects for everything from bio to psych to history to art.

-PITT ARTS!!! Their events are everything. They take you to a play or musical in the city plus get you dinner at a restaurant, for free. Sign up for their newsletters to get notified so you can sign up.

-Watch your spending. Living in a city, it's easy to lose track of money you spend on random crap. My club's blog, , writes articles about how to save on Pitt's campus.

-Study abroad. You can go almost anywhere! Obviously this is a bit down the line for freshman, but you can start looking into it today. They have a good website that details all the programs. There are lots of sch...
Angelica from Pittsburgh, PA
Get involved! It's a great way to connect to campus and feel like you're part of this great University.
Luke from Pittsburgh, PA
Come visit this university, it wasn't even on my radar for prospective schools until I visited and fell in love.
Filipe from Philadelphia, PA
Make a visit so you can get your own feel of the campus to see if it's right for you. Always be open to trying out something new, because you never know where it can take you. Don't get tied down by the way you think college is supposed to be- college is what you make of it. And one more thing: Don't be afraid to meet new people.
Batman from Philadelphia, PA
My biggest tip is to not stress about getting into the honors college. I was really disappointed when the only thing keeping me out was 100 points on my SAT. Honestly, yes the dorm is nice, but you will still have a great experience, a great degree from a prestigious school, and tons of friends when you leave.
Madison from Myerstown, PA
Coming into freshman year, I joined a learning community, which is a group of twenty or so students that generally take 3 themed classes together and meet once a week for discussions. I'd highly suggest joining one- there are a few dozen that cover most majors and are a great way to meet people as a freshman.
Alicia from Kenmore, NY
Get out and explore! There's tons to do around the city and a lot of it is close to campus. There's also so many options for food you'll never get bored with choices.
Student from CHARLOTTE, NC
Don't get lost as Pittsburgh is probably one of the hardest cities to navigate in the country. People here are raised to care for one another though, ask someone and you will definitely be pointed in the right direction (via landmarks as no one here knows street names besides the students).
Joseph from Pittsburgh, PA
1) Get to know your floor ASAP. Especially people from the city so you can get use to how the busing system works and where things are. Also, these people might have cars so... DEFINITELY GET TO KNOW THEM. (Note: downloading the app ride systems keeps track of the university busing as well).
2) Move in is harder if you are at Towers. Sutherland might be far, but you do have to pass the gym every day... Nordenberg is becoming the Honors dorm so there's that. Choosing a dorm is difficult, but you will love and defend your decision for all four years no matter what!
3) Get seriously involved with 1 and only 1 club first semester. Then branch out. It's hard to maintain everything and you might want some free time to actually have a social life, especially if you're an engineer.
Chuck from Ohio

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