University of Puerto Rico-Cayey
Cayey, PR, USA


University of Puerto Rico-Cayey
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In three sentences
Wonderful university. The campus is beautiful with lots of landscaping, sculptures, fountains, benches and tables. The professors are great and the class sizes are generally small, although some classes do contain multiple sections.
Tips for prospective students
All the classes (except English) are given in Spanish.
Academic Rigor
The professors are vary professional and encourage studying. They are very willing to discuss any questions about the material, and generally give an adequate amount of time to study for exams.
Dorm Life
As far as I know, all dorms or apartments are located off campus and are owned by private individuals renting to students. The type of experience you have varies from apartment to apartment depending on the contracts with the landlords. There is a large amount of apartments for rent right across the street from the University, but you may also find some available farther away.
Food and Dining
The University has a cafeteria that is economically priced. There are also several off campus restaurants (Burger King, McDonald's, etc.) located within walking distance, as well as others that are only minutes away by car.
What to do for fun
The University has a movie night on Wednesdays.
Bang for the buck
Very economical without compromising education.
Clubs and Activities
There are several different clubs that host get-togethers and club outings
Campus Safety
Very safe. Multiple security guards around the entire campus.
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