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  • Coed

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4 Year
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Small city
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Early Decision Acceptance is binding so student must attend college if accepted. November 1, 2022
Fall Regular Decision January 5, 2022 May 1, 2020
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Average ACT Composite: 33
Average SAT Composite: 1418
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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 888-822-2256
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

3.73 Average Rating
The best tip I can give you is to take advantage of all of the amazing opportunities. There is so much right at your fingertips, why not try something new?
Eloise from Rochester, NY
The University of Rochester loves to see an International Baccaulaureate degree or Advanced Placement credits. And of course, as with any other college, make sure to have plenty of extra-curricular activities and community service.
Hillary from Palmyra, NY
Work hard in high school, learn how to manage your time effectively, and be yourself during your interview and in your application. U. of R. accepts students based on academic merit, but they also highly consider unique aspects of each student. Make sure to shine!
Faye from Rochester, NY
-don't assume that college is, in any way, like high school. yes, we know you're on the top of your class, but that means almost nothing in college. everyone around you is as smart or smarter than you. this goes for rochester and every other college of its prestige, really.
-make sure you really know what you want in a college - here you get exactly what is advertised.
Pre-med from Portland, OR
I would advise prospective students to have great grades, and SAT scores, but more importantly, allow their individualism to shine through in their application. Make sure you include your skills, talents, jobs, and extracurriculars in your application, and write a college essay that truly reflects who you are. I believe that today, colleges are looking for students that have so much more to offer than great grades and test scores. They want to see prospective students as unique individuals who will be great influential additions to their student body. At U of R, through meeting my peers and friends I can see why each of them were accepted to the school, they're smart, but they are also incredibly unique and have something interesting to offer besides brains.
Zeley from Brooklyn, NY
As long as students are willing to be open minded and social, they will find the University of Rochester an incredible place to spend their college years. It has so much to offer, if only you give it the chance.
Ashley from Rochester, NY
- Class sizes range greatly. Many introductory classes (especially science and math) are very large, with hundreds of students. This may seem intimidating for most but these types of classes are made more accessible through meetings in small groups of students called workshops or recitations. In these, students are able to ask questions and discuss concepts.
- Work loads for courses can be very demanding, depending on a students schedule. The Curriculum can help you in this way in that by minimizing requirements, students can have a more flexible schedule that works for them in terms of difficulty.
- Academic advisors and faculty are very approachable for the most part.
- Speak to current students to get examples of how they personalized their curriculum to see how this worked for them.
- Remember that there are going to be plusses and minuses to any college you look at! Know that you can make college the way you want it to be.
B from Maryland
1) Take public speaking! It's taught each fall by Curtis Smith, the speech writer and coach for President George H. W. Bush. The class is fantastic, and limited in size, so the scene is not overwhelming when students get up to give their speech.
2) Try everything you can - whether it's a study abroad experience in Malawi, or a class on functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Rochester's wealth of courses should be taken advantage of.
3) Park where you're supposed to - University Parking is strict, and will boot you if you don't park where you should.
Eric from Durham, CT
The University of Rochester is one of the nation's leading higher education. With a faculty to student ratio of 9:1, students are assured that they will receive the attention necessary for them to succeed throughout their years here at the U of R. Class size are typically 10-25 students, but in the sciences and math, it tend to be pretty large. But wait, don't be scared, workshops or professor/teacher assistant office hours are offered for to students sitting in these classes. In writing classes, there are also writing fellows and consultants at your service. If interested, I would advice a prospective student to do intensive research about the university. Meliora.
Orin from Brooklyn, NY
It's a small sized school with numerous opportunities to meet people from across the world and a school that will help you in many ways to fulfil your dreams.