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University of Sioux Falls
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In three sentences
The University of Sioux Falls is an incredible school of academics, opportunities, and community. I cannot have imagined starting my life anywhere else. I'm not a number, but a student; not a statistic, by a searching and seeking soul; not just a face in a classroom, but a friend, a daughter, a woman with a future.
Tips for prospective students
Meet your professors and let them get to know you! Share your dreams, your ambitions, your hopes your fears - THEY CARE! The University of Sioux Falls has professors, Dorm Advisors, Student Faculty, and students who will pray with you, guide you, and encourage you to reach your greatest dreams. Hold NOTHING back!
Academic Rigor
Professors at the University of Sioux Falls truly care about every students' success. They are always available and always ready to help. They're expectations and standards are high, but all the better to help you become all that you can be.
Dorm Life
There is never a dull day on campus. Student Activities is always on the ball with creating dorm and campus activities, as well as Resident Directors that are dedicated in making your college experience something to remember. I have never had a greater family feeling (away from my real one that is) than I had in my first years at the University of Sioux Falls.
Food and Dining
While the hours are are sometimes inconvenient, the food is great. Java City, the snack and coffee shop downstairs, is also a great wonder for grabbing a good drink, slipping in a snack, and meeting up with friends.
What to do for fun
The University of Sioux Falls is located right in the middle of Sioux Falls, SD - a fairly lively city - so there is always somewhere to go and something to do. Even still, if you never leave campus, you're likely to stay occupied. You can compete in the Summer/Winter Olympics, participate in various clubs/activities, spend time with friends and professors, catch a concert in Java City, take part in inter murals, walk around campus and look at the various sculptures, drop into Chapel on Tuesdays or Prayer Group on Wednesdays or Worship on Sundays. This just begins the list of eventful things to do at USF.
Bang for the buck
When you look at the numbers, this school seems a tad expensive, but it is truly worth every penny. The relationships you will make not only with students but also faculty will follow you all the days of your life. This school truly sets you up for success and promises to remain your foundation even after you walk off the stage with a degree in hand.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
There is Sculpture Walk on Campus. Every homecoming, we ride the cougar to protect our large cat-statue from the enemy. In the very beginning of summer months after the snow has first melted, half of the campus takes part in polar plunge - a dive into the freezing cold (but entirely thrilling) pond outside of the Sullivan dorm room.
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