University of the Ozarks
Clarksville, AR, USA


University of the Ozarks
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Kaitlin from Lincoln, AR

researching this school
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Will enjoy being here
The campus is really small and simple. I like that about it. I went to a campus day and met so many great people!
Bang for the buck
Yes, it is pretty expensive. The thing about it is, they offer way more scholarship money than a public school would.
Tips for prospective students
Great for these types of students
Liberal arts, pre med.
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a current student here
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In three sentences
a presbyterian 4 year university.
not as strong on christian priniciples as i had hoped.
a smaller college atmosphere, clean and friendly.
Tips for prospective students
some scholarships available.
get your admission application in early
they work well with parents
Academic Rigor
have most classes you need for several careers.
Dorm Life
i am not in the dorm.
Food and Dining
served by an outside company
What to do for fun
in the ozarks, if you have time, lots of outdoor activities, as it is not a snowy state. they have a club for outdoor camping, etc.
Bang for the buck
extra tutoring free if needed, for some classes.
teachers are willing to help you and are personable.
housing is available off campus.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
have lots of outdoor activities available, if you want to participate.
have cultural events, also.
Great for these types of students
the younger students
Clubs and Activities
all kinds
Greek Life
not imvolved
Campus Safety
very safe
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