University of Virginia's College at Wise
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University of Virginia's College at Wise
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In three sentences
inclusiveness is very important to this college. there are opportunities, organizations, and clubs for literally any interest and if they don't already have one, anyone can start one. also, students are very important to the professors employed here; they will go out of their ways, beyond their calls of duty, to make sure a student is understanding, attending class, and enjoying themselves.
Tips for prospective students
enjoy the moment! but not too much! you don't want to procrastinate too much or to fall behind in classes! schoolwork does come first!!
get involved! there are so many things to do here! the sororities and fraternities involve people who will love you for you and don't want you to conform in any way! the sports here are fantastic, too! (to play and watch!) they have the professional teams for those who are seriously interested in being on the competitive teams but there are also intermurals for random students (and professors) to form teams and meet new people by competing in just about any sport you can imagine from football to soccer to water polo to ultimate frisbee!
Academic Rigor
the science and english departments are top notch! that doesn't mean that the others are bad, by noooo means. the spanish section of the language department is excellent but the other languages lack a little but if you want to take it they will find a way for it to happen! the math and teaching departments are very hands-on and fun! the nursing department is one of the best in the area! if you don't see a major or minor that you like, you can literally make your own! (with guidance and approval anyways)
Dorm Life
i didn't live in a dorm so i do not have much to offer in this section. many of my friends, however, moved as little as 15 minutes away from home just to live in the dorms. everyone who lives in the dorms and campus housing absolutely love it!
Food and Dining
the food in the cafeteria is mostly pretty good but is occasionally questionable (as is all school cafeteria food) but there are 3 separate restaurants on campus, a sub shop, a fast food place (hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, chicken strips etc.), and a cafe style shop (excellent pizzas, salads, blt, club sandwiches, coffee, etc). there is also an actual cafe in the library, with hot, iced, and frozen coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolates, teas, etc. and they also have paninis, blts, parfaits, muffins, snack cakes and that sort of thing!
What to do for fun
because of the quaintness of the town it's in, there isn't much to do besides some small shopping areas, a 12-screens movie theater, a 20-lane bowling alley, and a 21+ year old club. within an hour and a half drive, however, there are the tri-cities with 18+ clubs, malls, amazing food, and just about anything you could want!
Bang for the buck
the mountain scenery of this school is amazing!! the summers are hot! the winters are full of snow! the falls and springs are full of changing colors and warmth with crisp cools! also, the southern twang that the locals have are pretty adorable. ;)
Great for these types of students
Greek Life
we are a strictly no hazing school. there are three sororities: phi sigma sigma, theta phi alpha, and alpha sigma tau. there are four fraternities: alpha sigma phi, kappa sigma, pi lambda phi, and pi kappa phi. they are all nationally recognized chapters. if there is a fraternity or sorority that you would like added to this list, all you have to do is ask! the greek judicial board on campus in collaboration with the greek life faculty will all be happy to assist in any way!!
Campus Safety
there are phones around campus, the parking lots are lit, and there is at least one campus police officer doing rounds at all times.
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