University of Wisconsin-Parkside
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University of Wisconsin-Parkside
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Marie from Milwaukee, WI

a current student here
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In three sentences
University of Wisconsin-Parkside is one of the best schools in the UW system, but is one of the most underrated of all the UW schools. The business school is excellent and has provides many opportunities for success. UW-P is affordable and in a great location.
Tips for prospective students
Consider what is truly important to you in a school. Think about how much you are going to try to benefit from your college career or if you are just looking for a party. There are so many small aspects that are overlooked when people choose schools, which is why there are best-kept secrets like UW-Parkside.
What to do for fun
Head into downtown Kenosha, Milwaukee, or take the short train ride to Chicago. Enjoy the sandy beaches along Lake Michigan in the summer. Go shopping at the Pleasant Prairie Outlet Malls. Watch the only Division II athletics in the state of Wisconsin for free right on your campus. Get involved in organizations who host social events on a weekly basis.
Bang for the buck
UW-Parkside is one of the cheapest schools I know of which still has a very high quality education. I paid less than $8,000 a year for a top-notch AACSB accredited business school.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
The campus is located right next to, or practically on, a beautiful state park with access to hiking, running, disc golf, regular golf, and more. The campus has a free disc golf course right on its grounds and a very cheap, yet quality golf course right next to campus. Also, the campus is well known for its musical and theatrical performances that go on every week. We are very fortunate to have access to something people drive into the city for right on our campus.
Great for these types of students
Well-rounded, diverse, high achieving individuals
Clubs and Activities
UW-Parkside has one of the best Student Activities offices I have ever seen. They allow so many different clubs to be started and do everything they can to provide the resources you need to be successful. Being involved in an organization is one of the most rewarding aspects of coming to this school.
Greek Life
UW-P has Greek Life but not a lot.
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Rebecca from Big Bend, WI

a past student here
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Did learn a lot
The classes Parkside had were very well varied for the size of the campus. The class sizes were relatively small, which gave students more one-on-one time with teachers and professors. I feel that I was able to learn more because of the more personal atmosphere the classrooms had.
Did enjoy being here
The campus was beautiful, even in the coldest of winter. All of the academic buildings are connected by raised hallways, so you can get to all of your classes or to get food without ever having to step outside in the rain or snow. The dorms, apartments, and suites were, of course not connected, and neither was the Student and Activity Center, but if the weather was bad enough to need the walkways, the SAC was usually closed anyway.
The campus is also very safe. It's removed enough from 'civilization' that you won't get mobbed on the streets but close enough that there are shuttle buses to the mall and many other big stores needed for college life.
Bang for the buck
Compared to some other schools, Parkside is relatively cheap. Parking is a little expensive, but if you're staying on campus, like I did, all you have to do is find a spot to park your car for the week and let it sit. True, there were some days where you needed to get something in the middle of the week. Best time to go and get a good spot when you come back? Leave around 4 or 5 pm, get back at around 7 or 8 pm. That's when the good spots are all free, because people get out of class and leave to go home. And when all the spots in front are taken, the residence hall parking lots are the first place they look.
Tips for prospective students
Take as many credits as you can handle. If you're paying to be a full time student, that's 12 credits right there. Any credits between 12 and 21, I believe, are considered 'free', so, since you're paying for the minimum package already, why not get the free upgrade? Also, get the mean plan. Anywhere on campus that sells food will take the meal plan on the Ranger Card, and you can even find discounts too.
Subway is amazing, especially their soups. You'll be relying heavily on them for food after a while, for the cafeteria food gets to be repetitive after a while, but if you like burgers and fries, the cafeteria's your kind of place.
Also, Parkside is one of the schools where you have to buy or rent all your books. And you have to pay for paper when printing in the library. Not so fun. :/
Great for these types of students
Artists, Business(wo)/men, and anyone else who wants their first college experience to be a personal and friendly one. The professors are very helpful and won't hesitate to help someone. This school is wonderful for those who enjoy taking walks in nature, but just make sure that you do it in the daytime, or with a flashlight! There are paths leading right from campus into a park, and the park has wonderful walking trails.
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