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Utica College
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In three sentences
Very big campus with a lot of resources available to you.

So many student organizations, it's pretty easy to join one and very rewarding.

The shuttles let you access the mall and the shopping center so you may get whatever you need without paying money for a taxi.
Tips for prospective students
If you are in Health Studies, Nursing, or PT/OT...get a tutor. The science classes that you are required to take are very challenging. It is so easy to get lost on understanding the subject matter. Find study buddies, go to group tutoring sessions, or just sign up for a tutor.
Academic Rigor
As I said, the science courses are extremely challenging. Everything else was pretty easy to me.
Dorm Life
There are a lot of different dorms to chose from if you are not a freshmen or if you are a transfer student. Freshmen only get to chose from 2 dorms which is North or South Hall. Upperclassmen can chose from at least 4 other dorm halls and you even have access to rent houses around the area which are pretty much affordable. All the dorms are coed as well so you don't have to be excluded from your male/female friends. Each dorm also includes lounges and laundry rooms which are free to use. And as far as I know, they all include kitchens as well. The RAs have events in the lounges at least once every 2 weeks which includes things like movie night, or free pizza and ice cream.
Food and Dining
The cafeteria has unlimited swipes if you have a meal plan and it includes a salad bar, dessert center, ice cream bar, pizza bar, and sandwich bar. During breakfast, they have a waffle bar. There is other dining, which costs money or you can use the money on your student id card that you get from your meal plan. There is Subway, the Pioneer cafe, Common grounds (coffee, smoothies, etc.) and a little snack shack located where all the classes are. All of these places are on campus. Then there is an IHOP and Dunkin' Donuts which is walking distance from the campus.
What to do for fun
There is always something going on. Especially if you are involved in a club/organization. Other than that, you can go to the indoor pool, saunas which are located in the athletic center. If you want to go out, there is a mall and a movie theater nearby. But Student Activities and organizations will often host events that are available to every such as talent shows, beauty pageants, and other fun stuff.
Bang for the buck
This school is really expensive. For me, as an out-of-state student. It's about $50,000 a year. Including all my scholarships and financial aid, it was still about $23,000 I had to pay out of pocket. But the school really does offer a decent amount of financial aid.
Greek Life
The greek life on campus was one of the coolest things about this school. They are really involved in the community and they host a lot of events to help keep the school more fun and lively. They also take pledging very seriously and they never hesitate to show off a bit during any other student events or activities. They all have a lot of charisma and confidence.
Campus Safety
Campus security officers and really helpful. They are also very lenient so if you get caught drunk when you're not supposed to be drinking, they might be kind enough to let you off the hook (maybe the first time, but not after that). They can also give you a ride if you are stuck somewhere or if you dont feel safe walking back to your dorm. They are very friendly and helpful.
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