Valley City State University
Valley City, ND, USA


Valley City State University
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Amy from Orlando, FL

a past student here
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In three sentences
Students are encouraged to be diligent. The teachers are sensitive to cultural differences, know their subjects well, and communicate effectively. Each class teaches valuable life skills related to the subject of study.
Tips for prospective students
The online program is amazing! Whether you are a face-to-face student, or online, it is best if you communicate with people.
Academic Rigor
I had a chance to switch one of my classes here to a different school, and I declined. I can think of no better place to prepare me for the business world.
What to do for fun
Video and composition projects.
Bang for the buck
It's pretty expensive, but it's to prepare you for walking right through graduate school.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
They have an excellen online program that I have used and will continue to use for several of my classes. (I am a fully online student.)
Great for these types of students
Musical or technologically gifted students should check this out.
Clubs and Activities
Health emails are sent regularly to all students, there are contests and projects for extra curricular activity.
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