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What Students Are Saying

4.07 Average Rating
Be prepared to take on a challenging workload and difficult course material initially. However, don't get discouraged as professors realize that the difference in academic expectations from High School to college will take some getting used to. It's important to stay on top of studies but attempt to have an involved social life and take advantage of all the fun activities and social outings that VIllanova has to offer.
David from Williamstown, NJ
-Do not let the price of Villanova's tuition scare you from applying. If you have parents who are financially struggling and you want to apply to Villanova, go ahead because Villanova provides many grants included with your financial aid for your education. And every cent of your tuition goes towards not only your classes but great resources like the Fitness Center and tutoring.

-Do not let Senioritis from High School follow to to college and impact your academics. College is completely different from high school so expect to do some hard work. Studying, time management and effort is important in college, especially Villanova.

-Although Villanova has many Caucasian students on campus, they have students of many different races from Asians to African American students and Hispanics, who all have strong bonds with each other, like family. So, if you feel like you will be left out, don't be, you will definitely make really good friends at Villanova University.
Student from Upper Darby, PA
A couple tips which I'll number so that its a little easier to read:
1. Take as many AP's as you can! the more college credit going in the better, especially when trying to deal with the core curriculum at Villanova.
2. Start looking for scholarships ASAP! Tuition is in no way cheap.
3. Start buying school supplies now. Preparing early not only beats the rush but also allows you to double check and make sure you have everything you need, this is especially important if you live a long way from Villanova.
4. Be prepared to work when you first arrive on campus. Many time when people think of college they think of drinking and partying, and while that exist on Villanova's campus as well as all college campuses, it is important that time is taken to secure academic stability. Its a lot easier to maintain a good GPA than to revive a bad one.
5. Look online for school books. The books in the book store are marked up extremely high and are very expensive. If you can find a better deal take it.
6. At the end of the year, if you think you'll need a book for a future class, keep it. The few 10's of dollars you get back when you sell back to book is not worth you buying a similar book next year.
7. Keep an open mind in your academic major decision. Don't get so caught up in one major that you end up following something you hate.
8. Get involved! There are many groups on campus that fit every different kind of hobby from athletics to music and there is even a quidditch club (yes that soccer like game from harry potter.)
9. Last but not least... have fun and enjoy the college experience.
Harold from Aston, PA
Once you find what you are passionate about, Villanova will become passionate about you. Villanova is a liberal arts university with ranked business, engineering and nursing schools so the is something for everyone. Greek Life has a presence without overrunning the campus. There are seven talented acapella groups on campus. The Augustinian order contributes to the culture without dominating it. Every level of sports are offered for basically every sport. There is something for everyone here at Villanova, you just have to test the water and discover what you would like to do. You got to get involved, wherever you end up going, that way you can find our own community.
Erik from Hillsborough, NJ
definitely apply early action. this shows interest in the school, and worst comes to worst, you are put into the regular decision pool. visit on a day classes are in session and tours are being given. you get to speak with current student ambassadors, go all across campus with impeccable tour guides from the blue key society, and finally meet with admissions counselors ready to answer all of your questions.
Lauren from East Brunswick, NJ
Have an open mind. Although Villanova is a Catholic university, it is extremely accepting of everyone. Visit campus. There is no better way to experience Villanova than to come to campus and see how the students interact with one another. For a great look at the student body, attend a basketball game.
Kristen from Wexford, PA
An open mind is all that is required to be here. Be open to challenges. The most rash things are things that may define who you are. We have many great people of different types and backgrounds. You will be the next new addition to our great community.
Madhav from VILLANOVA, PA
During our admission presentation, an admissions advisor, actually recommended taking your SATs as many as five times to get a perfect 1600. A student with a 1500 questioned the value of multiple test taking in terms of cost and time for diminishing returns. They were quite adamant that they want to see students strive to score as high as possible and to show that through multiple standardized tests. They said admission is based on:
1. Academic rigor available at HS
2. GPA and standardized test scores
3. Essays - (common and supplemental) They mentioned including Saint Augustine and to make sure you use semi-colons and commas properly and to please spell out numbers; and if you include Mass in your essay, make sure it is capitalized. The admissions office uses red pen to score your essays and they expect no grammatical errors. They spent quite a bit of time outlining this, so it is very important.

In my opinion, someone as a first time SAT taker, with a 1500-1550 on their SATs should be donating that extra expense of retaking the exam to charity or doing community service with the additional time required to get that perfect 1600. (sixteen hundred) The school is very lovely, but just did not feel overly welcoming and was a bit too pretentious, considering the spiritual mission of the university.
Anonymous from Western NY
Make sure you know what you want in a college, so then you can accurately decide if one school is the right one for you over another. Visiting the college or university that you are interested in is also recommended because what you read on the internet versus the actual experience of seeing the school can be totally different. If you are looking for a smaller size Augustinian school with school spirit and involvement in the students, then Villanova is the school for you.
Emily from Wheaton, IL
Be open minded and meet as many people as you can. Also, make sure you become well acquainted with your professors. An important tip not only for Villanova students, but for all college freshmen would be to never take time for granted. Always manage your time wisely and efficiently: every second counts.
Ashley from Manchester , NJ