Virginia Military Institute
Lexington, VA, USA


Virginia Military Institute
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Kimberley from Newland, NC

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
This school is definitely one of a kind. The Ratline that all freshmen must experience is the hardest thing I have ever done, but it is so rewarding one you get through it. It teaches you the important lessons that are so vital to a successful career in the real world, such as time management, self-confidence, discipline and responsibility.
Am enjoying being here
This is a difficult time for anyone going through the Ratline, but in the end it is worth all of the hard work and sacrifice.
Bang for the buck
The lessons one learns at VMI are lessons that are quite rare in today's society. Although it is tough and requires alot of sacrifice, every ounce of effort is worth the outcome of becoming a VMI graduate.
Tips for prospective students
Anything worth having requires sacrifice and hard work. But you can not lose your sense of humor in the process. Learning to cope with stressful situations is much easier when you can find the humor in them.
Great for these types of students
Students who want to become the best person they can possibly be and want to get the most out of life. Although VMI is a small school, there are so many opportunities available for anyone who attends. It requires motivation, perseverance, and dedication, but anyone can do much more than they thought they ever could, and VMI proves that to you.
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William from Decatur, GA

researching this school
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Will learn a lot
There's not many degrees to choose from (15ish), but the keydets and cadre referred to it as the toughest education in America.
Will enjoy being here
Cannot wait. It's going to be hard, but you just have to embrace the suck.
Bang for the buck
Out of state is expensive, but I'm going for the ROTC and NROTC scholarships.
Tips for prospective students
Make sure you're squared away before going here. The intensity level is off the charts similar to a service academy, so knowing how to drill, being in good shape give you a huge advantage going in.
Great for these types of students
Highschoolers interested in the military or bettering themselves in general. The unlocked room policy is incredible, the 4th I was staying with introduced me to all of his BR's all over the barracks. We would just walk in and it was completely normal. GO KEYDETS!
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Nicole from Onalaska, TX

accepted here and planning to attend soon
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In three sentences
What an amazing institute! VMI is not for the faint of heart and spirit. Beautiful campus, awesome faculty and stunning parades!
Tips for prospective students
Read admissions instructions carefully and be prepared for a thick stack of health paperwork. An alumni interview is not required, but I suggest you have one. I interviewed with alumni and made a friend, probably for life.
Academic Rigor
Faculty tells you to come to VMI prepared to work hard!
Dorm Life
LOL, if you don't mind sleeping on a rack with a 2 inch mattress then VMI is for you! Barracks life is not a typical dorm, but a brotherhood.
Food and Dining
I ate in the dining hall and the food was good and plentiful.
What to do for fun
Rats get to strain. PT, PT, PT, PT, sports and club sports.
Bang for the buck
Alumni joke and say VMI is a wonderful school to have graduated FROM. The experience is not typical college life, but a commitment, mind, body and soul to a meaningful education and Brother Rats.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Deeply historic and rooted into civil war traditions. Rats march across the battlefiled of Newmarket.
Great for these types of students
Serious, loyal and hard workers.
Clubs and Activities
Corps of Cadets is the life of a VMI cadet. Sports, PT, PT, PT and PT.
Campus Safety
Cadets do not lie, cheat or steal. Enough said!
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