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  • Coed

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4 Year
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Small city
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Early Decision Acceptance is binding so student must attend college if accepted. November 15, 2020
Fall Regular Decision January 1, 2021 May 1, 2020
Early Decision II
January 1, 2020
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Average ACT Composite: 31
Average SAT Composite: 1390
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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 336-758-5201
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

4.19 Average Rating
I suggest you meet with everyone you possibly can and find ways to be remembered. Make sure that all paperwork is submitted on-time if not early because having a smooth smailing experience is a lot less stressful than one with a lot of extra worrying. Finally, during finals week, get to the library for the free food at midnight because it really does help you stay focused longer.
Tee from Charlotte, NC
Apply for aid. Visit in the spring when the magnolia trees have bloomed, it is the most beautiful place in the world!
Jennifer from Lake Bluff, IL
Hard work will get you so far. You really do reap the rewards for the work and effort that you put in, and Wake Forest makes sure of it.
Markecia from Charlotte, NC
If you are coming to Wake, wait until second semester to jump into extra activities that could take up a good amount of your time. The first semester is CRITICAL to your transition to Wake. Take time to get to know the people around you and in your classes! Have fun and enjoy the little down time that you get!
Hannah from NC
Be sure to utilize everything that Wake offers. There are free tutors and career advising. If you are every struggling, speak up and someone will be able to help you.
Amy from Shakopee, MN
Find scholarships, find them and get them. Wake is expensive, no doubt about that, but it is an amazing place to be socially, academically, and athletically. Wake Forest is not for everyone though, the classes are small and intimate, also teaching assistants are nonexistent so professors teach every class. If you are looking for huge classes where you can skirt by on marginal attendance, Wake is not the school for you. If you are considering this school I highly encourage you to visit campus and experience what it is like first hand to be a Deacon.
Landon from Sanford, NC
Show up to every class, no matter how unimportant you imagine it will be. Attend your professors' office hours, and do all of your work on time. As long as you never fall behind in class, you will do well.
Melanie from Chester, VA
Work hard! Don't expect college to be an easy ride, because it definitely isn't. Don't skip classes, and make use of a professor's office hours. They are very willing to help students. Most importantly, enjoy yourself! College is the time to try new things and discover your identity, so make the best of it.
Carrie from Connellys Springs, NC
I highly recommend searching very hard for scholarships and grants. The alumni base at Wake Forest is fantastic, and they are more than willing to assist you in your collegiate endeavors. I received a scholarship worth almost three quarters of the amount it costs to attend Wake Forest from one family who loves Wake Forest and wants to see people attend this great university. Scholarship money is out there and people want to give you money for school, but you have to put in the effort in order to receive the money. I also highly recommend spending a day at Wake Forest on a tour, but I cannot stress enough how much of a better feel you will get for the university if you visit while students are there. I remember on my visit I met so many amazing people that I still communicate with today. They truly gave me a sense of what life at Wake Forest was like and what to expect while you are there. They also showed me that Wake is like one big family, and people will go out of their way to help you if you ask.
Elliot from Williamsburg, VA
Don't be scared away by the Work Forest reputation or the reputation that Greek life dominates all. It is a top 30 university, so if you don't want to work hard, Wake is definitely the wrong place, but the work is not so much that you will never see the outside of the library walls or never have time to make friends. Greek life is prominent, but not so much that you will feel left out of anything if you don't participate.
Andie from Charlotte, NC

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