West Liberty University
West Liberty, WV, USA


West Liberty University
3.58 Average Rating

Kristin from Mckeesport, PA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
This school is a lot high school in the size of your classes. The teachers will work with you to help you understand the material.
Am enjoying being here
The campus is on top of a hill so there isn't mauch to do, but there is always some kind of activtey that you can do.
Great for these types of students
This school is great for everyone =), especially for student who want to go into Dental Hygiene.
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Ashley from Williamstown, WV

a current student here
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In three sentences
an outstanding experience. best place to learn about art. the best school for me.
Tips for prospective students
explore all the west liberty has to offer. especially the fine arts department. it's outstanding!
Academic Rigor
i love everything about my classes and professors.
Dorm Life
it's like any typical dorm. but it's still homey.
Food and Dining
i love the food here. lots of variety!
What to do for fun
there are lots of clubs to join, people to meet. extracurricular activities are abundant. you can always find something.
Bang for the buck
worth every penny!
Great for these types of students
great school for art students of all backgrounds and talent.
Campus Safety
i always feel safe, even if i'm walking home in the late night, early morning hours.
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