Western Texas College
Snyder, TX, USA


Western Texas College
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Stacy from Snyder, TX

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
It is a small college and you get a lot of attention from your professors in every class.
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Julian from Frostproof, FL

a current student here
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In three sentences
Located in Snyder Texas WTC is a great place if you want to start small and build your way up. The whole WTC staff is dedicated in helping you achieve the education you want and helping you succeed in your goals. Your in a big family once you are there and that is a great feeling.
Tips for prospective students
Its a great school to start small and not pay so much for it. The classrooms aren't so big like about 30 to a class. Also there you won't be consider as a number but as your birth name. It will be easier to get to know your teacher well so you can ask them for tips or help whenever your in need.
Academic Rigor
Nothing in this world is handed to you for free. So yea there well be those hard test and quizzes. Best way to deal with them is always take notes and study because that's the only way to beat them, hard work will always pay off at the end.
Dorm Life
Being part of the soccer team requires me to live in the dorms. I'll have to say it's going well so far yes there may be issues but they can fix. Its an awesome experience to live and you have a lot more responsibility but it can be done.
Food and Dining
The cafeteria staff is so awesome they treat you as if you were their daughter/son. They try their best to keep you satisfied and of course hunger free. The facility is always clean and they make sure there's nothing missing like cups, plates, forks etc... The food is sometimes home cooked which in my opinion the best kind there is here.
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