Williston State College
Williston, ND, USA


Williston State College
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Melissa from GRENORA, ND

a current student here
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In three sentences
The college was once a small town college, after year we see a big change in the town but what about th e college. In the passed, two years I have seen this college become a college I will remember the new and improved college, that will stand by it moto: Where the people make the difference.
Tips for prospective students
The one thing I can give prospecting students is enjoy the college life, don't hide, be yourself. Make room for new friends, sure homework, but most of all be true to yourself first. You know what your limit is, be yourself but have fun.
Dorm Life
I cannot say much of the Dorm Life, I have never lived on campus. I have seen the new dorms, they look great and heard that the dorm life is something every college student should experience.
Food and Dining
We have a great Teton Gill on campus the serve breakfast lunch and supper. You can either have salad bar with main dish or joint one. If you don't care for what is for lunch you can always order off the grill. Then they have the wonderful bookstore that has the best coffee and drinks on campus. Every morning I get a coffee or a fruiting drink.
What to do for fun
We have a lot of sport activities on campus as well as off campus, we have dances, bowling parties and with a student ID you get in free.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
I think the best think this college has o ne is but the statute of Sitting Bull in the front of the building. It make the college unique and reminds us of how we got here.
Clubs and Activities
We have a few clubs and activites that students can go out for, I enjoy listening to the fun acitives the activities committee has. But being a mother and wife I don't get to participate in the clubs or activities.
Campus Safety
We have a sercerity guard that drives around camp, the dorms are locked only students and faciltiy can get into the dorms. The parking lot is well lit with lights.
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