Windward Community College
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Windward Community College
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Julie from Kailua, HI

a current student here
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In three sentences
I believe windward community college is a safe, and friendly school. All the staff and students treat each other like family, always supporting each other and many resources are available to help the students along the way. The school is constantly lively with many mini events taking place each month.
Tips for prospective students
Do NOT wait when first enrolling, apply early and talk to your counselor as soon as possible, or else you will end up stuck with classes you do not like. Also apply for Fafsa even if you think you can't get anything, you never know till you try, till then keep applying for scholarships. Do not procastinate, this is your first year! It will be hard so don't slack off.
Academic Rigor
Academically I believe our school is strong because with smaller classes the professor has more time to work with everyone, leaving no one behind.
Food and Dining
The food is very good, I personally love the hub, which takes after a coffee shop. It provides tasty organic cookies to sandwiches and salads. They also sell a variety of drinks, I personally love their bubble tea's.
What to do for fun
There are many events around campus that take place, flyers are usually put up and even professors will make announcements about upcoming events before class starts. Every month a mid-munches is held, where free food is given by showing your ID or filling out a survey.
Clubs and Activities
There are many clubs from student government to national honor society, the beginning of school enrollment, all the clubs are out show casing what they do.
Campus Safety
Overall there is constant security around campus and everyone treats each other like family, it's safer then other campuses. They are also many phones around campus in case anyone needs help.
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