Greenlight Match


Reimagine the College Admissions Process


An Equitable, Student-Centric Approach

Greenlight Match empowers students by eliminating application barriers and expanding access to higher education. Instead of requiring students to submit individual applications, Greenlight Match's free platform uses one streamlined profile for colleges to consider.


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How It Works

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Benefits of Greenlight Match

  • Intelligently matches students to institutions where they are admissible and financially supported
  • Provides acceptance offers earlier in the academic year well before regular decision deadlines
  • Builds institutional awareness, exposure to new institutions, and confidence for students
  • Fosters stronger secondary and post secondary partnerships
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Year 1 Impact, Projected Year 2 Impact

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Year 2 Regions

Atlanta, GA | Chicago, IL | Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX | Houston, TX
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN | New York City, NY | Philadelphia, PA
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"Concourse and the Greenlight Match pilot program was a game changer for many of our students... Many of our students have not been exposed to the various college options that are available to them... Greenlight Match provided this opportunity to our students by bringing colleges to them and... almost $11 million dollars in scholarship offers as well. We cannot thank the Concourse team enough for their stewardship, professionalism, and support throughout this pilot process. We look forward to the future participation of our College Possible students in Greenlight Match."


Jason Carter, Director of College Access, College Possible

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2022-2023 Timeline

table of dates for counselor nominations, admission evaluation, and offers

Greenlight Match In the News

Toward a More Equitable Future for Postsecondary Access

"This new report from the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA), is the result of a months-long project funded by Lumina Foundation that seeks to reimagine college admission and financial aid through an equity lens. The report recommends a series of actions for admission and financial aid practitioners, educational institutions, and state and federal agencies and policymakers."

Flipping the Admission Process

"Students usually have to choose which colleges they submit applications to—but that is starting to change. With new technology, colleges can now seek out prospective students and sent them admission offers directly. How could this impact the traditional admission process?"

EAB Acquires Concourse Global

The acquisition will transform how underserved and international students find colleges and scholarships by combining Concourse’s innovative technology with EAB’s enrollment expertise.


Why Greenlight Match instead of the standard college application process?

Unlike the traditional college application process, Greenlight Match is simple, straightforward, and fast. It takes place earlier than the standard application process, builds student confidence by delivering admission offers proactively, and gives students more time to review financial aid offers before finalizing their decisions. Greenlight Match enables students to find and consider opportunities they may otherwise have missed. Many students find their ideal match and ultimately accept admission offers made through the Greenlight Match process.

What is the benefit of participating in Greenlight Match?

Greenlight Match empowers students in the college application process by connecting them to right match-and-fit colleges. The current college application process is one directional and not designed to empower students to take ownership of their postsecondary pathways. Greenlight Match guides students towards truly right match-and-fit opportunities, builds student confidence in their potential to aim higher, and addresses affordability concerns earlier on in the process.

What happens if I don’t receive a match?

The early timeline allows students to participate in the standard college admissions process should they not receive a successful match. Students can also apply regular decision to all participating Greenlight Match colleges and via any application method to non-participating colleges outside of the Greenlight Match process.

Are offers through Greenlight Match official offers of admission?

Yes! Offers through Greenlight Match are genuine offers to attend college.  Offers may have conditional terms such as providing an official transcript or a writing sample.

How can I access the Greenlight Match platform?

Your CBO/school counselor will send you a link to participate in the Greenlight Match platform and will help you verify your profile or you can apply directly at

Will participating in Greenlight Match hurt my chance of direct admission to one of the schools on the list?

No. Student profile information is anonymized until there is a mutual match (a school has accepted the student and the student has chosen to learn more about the school).

How much does the Greenlight Match platform cost?

The Greenlight Match platform is completely free to students.

I want to apply EA/ED to one of the Greenlight Match schools – how do I do that?

If you feel strongly towards applying to a particular school, we recommend applying directly to that school.

What are the responsibilities of a counselor on Greenlight Match?

Once a student has completed their profile, a counselor will verify the profile to ensure the information (i.e., grades and classes taken) is accurate and will have the space to provide any essential information about the student before finalizing the profile to be shared with the colleges.

Interested in joining Phase 2 of the Greenlight Match pilot?