Lumina Foundation Releases Strategic Plan for Next Four Years

on November 4, 2016

The Lumina Foundation has released an updated version of its strategic plan for achieving the organization’s national degree attainment goals. The Lumina Foundation wants 60 percent of working-age Americans to hold a college degree or certificate by the year 2025.

The new version of the strategic plan, which is revised every four years, specifies that an additional 16.4 million Americans will need to earn college degrees and certificates to reach the goal, in addition to the 24.2 million who are expected to earn postsecondary credentials. The increase consists of 4.8 million traditional students, 6.1 million returning adult students with some college credits and 5.5 million non-traditional students who had not previously earned any college credits. The report acknowledges that these goals are unlikely to be reached through incremental improvement and proposes fundamental redesign of higher education as necessary.

The Lumina Foundation’s 2020 targets are to increase degree and certificate attainment by about a third of the number needed to reach the 2025 goal.

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