Proposed Infrastructure Investment Could Create College Grad Jobs

on January 11, 2017

President-elect Donald Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan is projected to create 11.4 million jobs during the next 10 years. Of those jobs, roughly 2.4 million, or about 21 percent, will be allocated for people with college degrees.


According to a report released by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, 8 percent of the new jobs would go to people with an associate’s degree and 13 percent would go to people with a bachelor’s or advanced degree. The largest portion of the jobs (39 percent) will go to workers with a high school diploma, which is followed by workers with some college but no degree (24 percent).


“One-third of these jobs would require postsecondary degrees, certificates, licenses or more than six months of training,” the report (Trump’s Infrastructure Proposal Could Create 11 Million Jobs: Will the New Jobs Lead to Sustainable Careers?) states.


Trump’s plan also bodes well for community colleges and training programs, which would be utilized to train workers.


“Slightly less than half (45 percent) of the new infrastructure jobs would require at least some college education and training, including jobs for civil engineers and construction managers,” the report says. “These training and education requirements would create new opportunities and new challenges for the nation’s secondary and postsecondary education and training system, especially for community colleges.”


Infrastructure positions tend to pay college graduates well.


The report found that people who hold an associate’s degree earn $50,000 in infrastructure jobs, versus $43,900 in on other occupations. People who hold a bachelor’s degree earn $60,000 a year in infrastructure jobs, which was on par with people in other fields. Those with a graduate degree earn slightly less working in infrastructure jobs ($73,000) when compared to other positions ($75,000).


“Infrastructure jobs in occupations that are expected to grow under Trump’s $1 trillion investment plan pay more than typical wages for high school graduates,” the report says.


“Engineering ($84,000) and management ($65,000) jobs, which usually require higher levels of education, pay especially well, but even construction ($40,000) and transportation ($42,000) jobs provide higher earnings than an average job for high school graduates.”

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