The Future College Admissions Process

on August 1, 2016

The innovative Cappex Application launches on September 1st.

Sign up by August 15th to a part of the future of the college admissions process. In a very short period of time, more than 50 colleges have already signed up to accept the Cappex Application.

Contact your Cappex rep or email for more information.

The Problem: Cumbersome Application Process
The core challenges for students in the application process is the amount of time it takes, the repetitiveness of applications, and the cost of applying to multiple schools – forcing students to limit their college consideration set. For years, colleges and organizations have attempted to streamline the application process and remove as many barriers as possible. However, those efforts have not completely eliminated the issues of time, repetitiveness or cost.

The current, convoluted application process is not only a concern for students but also for admissions leaders, as it actually diminishes their potential pool of quality applicants due to burn-out and application drop-off.

The Solution: The Cappex Application
The new Cappex Application removes the core barriers hindering students from applying to all colleges of their choice. It allows them to better ensure quality completion of 1 comprehensive application, focusing the bulk of their efforts on the college decision process.

Features of the Cappex Application:

  • Free to both students and Cappex college partners
  • Standardized fields and essays
  • Centralized application submission directly from

The Bottom Line: Streamline the Admissions Process
The Cappex Application enables Cappex college partners to better utilize the Cappex platform where they are already receiving high-quality student inquiries. Adding the Cappex Application to their repertoire allows Cappex to deliver not just inquiries, but complete student applications – ready for your admissions decision.

To get started with the Cappex Application, contact your Cappex representative or email for more information.

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