10 Things Colleges Give You for Free

on April 18, 2017

Attending a four-year college or university to obtain a bachelor’s degree costs thousands of dollars. Students should consider the free services their colleges will offer when choosing a campus.


Here’s a list of things colleges offer students as freebies that aren’t always broadcast to freshman entrants.


Computer Software


Even though some companies offer a bundle service with new computers to cover programs like Microsoft products and malware protection, your college probably offers the same IT package for free. Check your college’s IT department to see which software programs you have access to.




Take advantage of free printing. There is no need to buy a personal printer and keep up with expensive toner costs when your college gives you about 100 or more free pages a semester.




This doesn’t include the cafeteria. Finding free food on campus typically is about being in the right place at the right time, although students have created an app that helps students find free food functions on their campus. Schools within colleges always are hosting free lunches. Student organizations always offer free snacks to encourage others to attend their meetings and sometimes there’s a free dinner when someone important shows up on campus.




Schools want their students to wear their pride everywhere they go. Free t-shirts mean free advertising for them. Grab a shirt at every function you go to and you won’t have to bring clothes from home.


Public Transportation


Students who are living off-campus, add this one to your pro/con list. Some schools have partnered with local transportation to allow students free access on the city bus.




Get some peace of mind. If your school has a health program, there’s a good chance the students are trying to come up with sustainable ideas for better long-term health. Look for their events on campus. Some schools offer free counseling while others offer free massages and yoga sessions — especially during finals week.




There’s no need to stress and struggle through a class you don’t understand. Many colleges offer students free tutoring services by other students (and if you aren’t in need of a tutor, you could get paid to be the tutor). Colleges want their students to do well so they will equip you with the tools to do so.


Bed Sheets


Gathering supplies for a dorm room can be expensive. Don’t forget the necessities. Ask your dorm director if there are sheets available so you don’t have to inherit the additional cost.




Yes, newspapers still are relevant. And although most papers also have a digital app for readers to view on their phones or tablets, the communications and business schools probably have multiple big-brand newspapers for students. Also, the university probably has a deal with some newspapers to give students subscriptions.


Gym Membership


Maybe not a membership, per se, but there is a gym on campus that’s probably free for students to use. That perk goes away after graduation. Get fit for free while you can.

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