Freshman Year Goals That Will Change

on July 27, 2017

Looking back on my undergraduate studies, some of my freshman year goals were misguided and uninformed for how the real world works. One major thing I’ve learned is to not get caught up in timelines and be willing to change when things don’t work out.    


Here’s a list of some of the goals I had as a college freshman and what I learned from them:


Get the Perfect Job after Graduation


You’re lucky to be hired into a full-time position straight out of college. Employers are looking for people with experience, which might mean have to get through a few not-so-hot jobs. But don’t fret, staying in the same position for decades is unheard of among millennials. Move around the job market until you find a place that fits, which includes a space where you are valued, paid what you deserve and given opportunities for advancement. This is your life. Don’t let it be dictated by a crappy job with a boss you hate.


A key to success after college is landing internships and experience while you’re still doing your undergraduate studies.


Live a Fab Life


I dreamt of being a reporter in a major city and living in a luxurious loft apartment with a dog. In this dream, my best friend also was living next door. We’d live a wonderful lifestyle with money to attend happy hours and late night social gatherings. Student loans, beginning wages and bills will add up and bring this fantasy crashing to the ground. That’s perfectly OK, though.


You don’t have to have it all straight out of school. You’ve got plenty of time to figure it out.


Go Straight to Grad School


Take a break and go explore the world.


It’s OK to work for a year or travel if you’ve been studying to get into medical school, law school or graduate school. Real-world experience is valuable. It makes a huge difference in continuing your education in terms of what you can bring to the table in the classroom and how you contribute to your graduate studies. If you’re lucky, you also can find an employer who is willing to pay for you to go back to college while you’re working.


Find True Love


This wasn’t necessarily my goal, but it was for some of my friends. If you do find the love of your life in college, that’s awesome. But don’t force the situation. There’s more to experience and learn about yourself in college than you get from a relationship. Plus, you’ll continue to change and grow as you get older. What you want at 18 rarely is what you want at 22 and beyond.  


Olivia Lewis is a Cappex freelancer and journalist. She is currently pursing her master’s degree in the University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.

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