How to Survive Finals Week

on April 11, 2017

Eat, sleep, study and repeat. That’s the schedule of any student during finals week. It’s an intense time that could determine passing or failing a course you never want to take again.


Here are some tips to help you and avoid hitting a brick wall.




Take a minute to chill, refresh your mind and get rid of bad energy. You have a lot to do, and you already know this. There’s no point in stressing out about the amount of work you have to do. Take a walk or grab a cup of coffee — small breaks will keep you refreshed.


Find a Study Group


Work smarter, not harder. Work with your classmates to complete study guides, and ask each other questions about course material. Study buddies are your lifelines in college. They can help break up detailed study guides and save you time you could use to study for other courses.

Drink Water and Eat


In the words of Kendrick Lamar, “Wake up, drink.” Water will keep you hydrated, which helps keep you going throughout finals. You can’t study properly if you aren’t fueling your body. Also, pack a bag of snacks to take to the library or your favorite study spot. When your energy begins to dip, you’ll have something to reach for.


Check-in With Family and Close Friends


Finals week can be a time of seclusion, and it shouldn’t be. Use Airplane Mode while you’re studying, but stay in touch with close friends and family throughout the week during study breaks. Check in to maintain your sanity. You wouldn’t normally ignore the people you care about.


Manage Your Time


For students paying their way through school, this can be tough. Not everyone has the privilege of calling off work or using vacation time to study, so make sure your boss knows when you are taking your finals. When you receive a syllabus at the beginning of the semester, let your employer know when you can’t work because of academic commitments.

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