Greek Life Recruitment FAQs

on August 18, 2017

Every college with Greek life does it differently, and many students enter college with false perceptions of fraternities and sororities from pop culture. It’s important to know the basics of Greek recruitment if you’re interested, going in blind can leave a bad impression and worsen your chances of receiving a bid.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the recruitment process for Greek life:


Do I need to go Greek to be social?


No college features a social scene completely controlled by fraternities and sororities, no matter how prevalent they might be on campus. Influence of Greek life on campus varies from to college to college, but you can always depend on other social circles and student organizations having their own get-togethers. Going Greek can add to your social life, but it’s not at all necessary.


How do I find the chapter for me?


Before homing in on a chapter to rush, you need to ask yourself what you’re looking to gain from joining a chapter and what kind of students you want to be close with. When meeting a member or touring a house, ask about the chapter’s values, the events it puts on and which extracurriculars are popular with the brothers or sisters. Try to get an idea of what each chapter is about before committing to rushing one or two.


What goes into whether someone gets a bid or not?


The factors that determine whether a potential new member receives a bid or not vary from chapter to chapter, but most Greek organizations agree that friendliness, maturity, leadership, good sense of humor and possessing a genuine personality are a few qualities that make individuals stand out. Study the values emphasized by a chapter before attending a recruitment event.


When I get a bid am I officially a brother/sister?


Not quite. Fraternities and sororities require you to “pledge” for a certain period of time. As a pledge, you’ll learn more about the organization and possibly complete tasks to build camaraderie or achieve a collective goal. If you adequately complete the pledging process you’ll attend an initiation ceremony. Only after initiating do you become an official brother or sister.


How do I ask about hazing?


Despite several horror stories, hazing is prevalent on many college campuses, and although it’s not tied specifically to Greek life, fraternities and sororities are often at the center of the terrible accounts. Don’t be afraid to ask members about the pledging process. Mentioning hazing might throw some members off, but if they don’t give a satisfying answer when you ask about pledging then feel free to ask if they haze. If you’re avoiding organizations that haze, it’s best to be straight-up and get an answer.

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