Infographic: What Parents Want from Colleges

on March 3, 2017

You might be surprised by how much America’s parents are actually involved in their children’s college searches.


In a Cappex QuickPoll, more than 300 parents of college-bound students responded to prompts about their involvement with their students’ college searches, and 43 percent of parents said they drive the college research process, and 29 percent say that they also make the major decisions about where to go to college.


Parents should be involved in their children's college search efforts, but not too much. Planning for college is a partnership between the student and parents. Remember, it is the student who will be enrolling in college, not the parents. Parents can be a great source of advice to their children as they craft a college list. 

Want some more facts? Check out this Cappex infographic, which was published in 2013:


Infographic about what parents want from colleges

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