Worst College Admissions Essay Topics

on April 12, 2017

Some college admissions essay topics should be avoided at all cost. You want to make an impression on college admissions officers, but be sure to make a good impression. Avoid the following topics:


Why You Love Your Significant Other


It doesn’t matter how much in love you are. This topic doesn’t demonstrate why you’re interested in a college or university or what you’ll take away from your education. In fact, writing about your significant other demonstrates a lack of the emotional and mental maturity that college admissions officers are seeking.


What You Learned from a Crime or Legal Proceeding


Colleges and universities are looking for responsible people who demonstrate good judgment. Talking about lessons learned from a crime or a criminal conviction, even if it is minor, will raise a red flag to admissions officers. Do not write about your use of illegal drugs and alcohol. Your essay is a time to show that you are a mature person who can make adult decisions.


Demonstrating Bigotry, Racism or Homophobia


Most colleges and universities have a diverse student population. Campuses often tout inclusion and acceptance as basic principles they expect from students. Mentioning anything remotely racist, homophobic or misogynistic will get your application tossed. You also do not know who is reading your essay, so be careful not to offend any minority group.


Talking about Harming Yourself or Others


A college admissions essay is not the time to talk about harming someone or yourself. If you talk about harming another person, it could result in having your essay passed on to the authorities. Additionally, if you talk about harming yourself, it also could result in having your essay passed on to someone else because it’s a cause for alarm.

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