Writing a Solid College Essay

on September 7, 2017

A college application essay holds the power to unlock your future. Writing one that impresses college admissions officers doesn’t have to be a monumental task. In fact, by following these guidelines, you’ll be on your way to wowing admissions officers in no time.


Read the Essay Prompt


If a college has a specific essay prompt it wants you to respond to, make sure you do so. Straying from the topic will land you in the reject pile. A few popular themes include “Why our college?” and “Tell us about how you’ve overcome adversity.” If you do have to respond to a specific prompt, spend a few days figuring out how your story fits into what a college is asking of you. Writing a strong essay that responds to the prompt while telling your story will impress admissions officers.


Make Sure Your Essay Flows


There is nothing worse than writing something that meanders. In fact, it’s one of the quickest ways to get someone to put your essay down. When you’re writing your essay, make sure the points you make connect to one another. You don’t want to jump from one thing to another. A good way to make sure your points will connect is to write an outline of your essay.


Is Your Story Compelling?


College admissions officers read thousands of applications. Take the time to make sure yours stands out by discussing something significant in your life. If you have a passion you want to pursue in college or want to study a particular field, connect who you are as a person with your path in college. Weave a tapestry that links the threads from your past through the present and on to your future. The more compelling you are, the better chance you have at admission.


Read It Again


Even if you think you’re done, make sure to read your essay after a few days away from it. You might discover you left something important out or the way you wrote your essay doesn’t work. Try reading your essay out loud. The key to writing a good essay is planning ahead and leaving yourself time — do not wait until the last minute to do something as important as your co

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