College Application Checklist

on April 5, 2017

Before hitting send on your college application, you need to make sure it will rise to the top of the applicant pool. Here is a checklist you should follow to ensure your application shines.


Reread Everything You Entered


Reread your application from top to bottom. Every box you had to fill in should be double-checked. Misspelling something, entering the wrong state or putting your county in the country field are common mistakes on college applications. Additionally, have a parent look over everything you’ve entered. A second set of eyes never hurts.


Upload the Right Attachments


Sending an application to a college without an essay or required document could result in your application being denied. Make sure you upload your essay or portfolio. Also, give the files you’re uploading names like college essay or college portfolio so you know you’ve grabbed the right file. There’s nothing more embarrassing than sending a cat meme to an admissions officer. Also include your name or application id number in the name of the file, in case it gets separated from the application.


Read the Directions


This step is simple but crucial. Make sure you followed the directions completely. Do not leave out a required part of the college application. When you’re reviewing what you’ve filled in, also reread the directions. This is your chance to make sure you did everything correctly.


Print It Out


It might seem silly, but print out your application before you send it. Proofing it on paper can help you catch errors you might have missed on your computer screen. Also, it’s a good idea to keep a paper copy of your application just in case a college doesn’t receive it.

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