Deferred? Write the Perfect Update Letter

on January 26, 2017

If you’ve been deferred from a college you eagerly applied to, don’t be discouraged. Deferral is not a rejection.


While you’re waiting for the final decision of an admissions board, you can write a letter of continued interest (LOCI). This letter serves as an update about what you’ve done since you submitted your application. It also reminds a college that you’re interested.


Here’s how to write the perfect one:


1. Address your letter to the admissions office or to a specific admissions officer; this should resemble a cover letter, with the name of the recipient, the college or university’s address and the date, as well as your personal information. 


2. Introduce yourself, and be direct in your letter. Make sure to note that you are seeking acceptance from the college or university. Note specific examples of why this institution is your first choice. Mention particular course offerings, professors or special programs make this school your perfect match.


3. Include a concise paragraph listing any new activities you’ve undertaken since your original application. Be sure to include new jobs, course or curriculum changes and updated grades. Also note any other experiences that might make you more desirable. 


You want to signify dedication, growth and a strong work ethic, all of which will enhance your application. Do not to rehash anything you already wrote about when you first applied unless something has changed significantly. Colleges review your application with your LOCI, so they’ll be looking for for improvement.


4. Maintain an enthusiastic, professional tone. Do not express frustration at your deferment. Though you might feel dejected, make sure that the letter only demonstrates your excitement about the opportunity at hand. 


Finally, remember to market yourself. Just as you did in your application, advertise specific ways that you will contribute to this college. Also, it is best to send this letter before a college started its final admissions round.

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