Follow Directions or Face Rejection

on February 7, 2017

A lot goes into your college application. You spend countless hours perfecting your essay and crafting your approach. Having a clever hook isn’t enough, though, if you don’t fill out your application correctly and completely. 


Here are some steps to keep you on track in your admissions process:


Read the Directions


It might seem simple, but read the directions when you’re filling out an application. Carefully read every question and make sure your answers are correct. This is not the time to skim through a page like you would an Instagram story.


Send All Relevant Information


Reading an application isn’t enough — make sure you upload, mail or paste all additional documents a college wants. Sending your application without an essay, transcripts or additional sections could result in the rejection of your application because it is incomplete.


Follow Essay Prompts and Rules


If a college or university asks you to write about a specific subject, do not stray from the topic. This is not the time to leap from one subject to another — stay focused and on point.


Additionally, if there is a word limit, do not exceed it. Being concise and getting your point across within the limit demonstrates that you are ready for college coursework. Your application could be tossed out if you write more than the limit.


Other Things to Include

  • Select a major or check undecided
  • List a permanent address
  • Sign the application
  • Proofread everything for proper spelling and grammar
  • Double check all the numbers you were asked to enter
  • Don’t confuse county with country

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