How to Write an Accomplishments Resume

on August 17, 2017

An accomplishments resume, sometimes called a high school resume, summarizes your noteworthy academic and extracurricular achievements. Knowing your strengths can help you make smarter decisions.


An accomplishments resume provides material for scholarship applications and college admissions applications. Give a copy of your accomplishments resume to your teachers to make them aware of your skills and talents when they write you letters of recommendation.


Start compiling an accomplishments resume when you enter high school and update it periodically. It is easier to keep track of accomplishments as they occur than to try to remember them afterward.


The accomplishments resume should include information about each of the following:

  • Academic accomplishments. Provide information about your academic performance, such as your high school GPA and a list of all your standardized test scores. List all of your PSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT Subject and AP test scores.
  • Extracurricular activities. List clubs, sports and volunteer activities. Was your involvement active or passive? Did you hold any leadership positions in these activities?
  • Other activities. Do you have any hobbies? Do you play a musical instrument? Did you participate in any enrichment activities? What are your passions and unique qualities?
  • Employment. List part-time jobs, summer employment and internships.
  • Honors and awards. If you won recognition for your accomplishments, list the names of the awards won and the dates you received them. What makes you proud?
  • Scholarships. List all the scholarships you’ve won.
  • Publications. Provide a list of articles, books and other material you’ve written that has been published.

When writing your accomplishments resume, use active voice and powerful action verbs in addition to listing the facts and figures. Focus on outcomes and results, such as problems solved. Be specific.

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