Selective Colleges Seek Students with Unique Talents

on May 3, 2017

Students who excel at one sport, hobby or club are more desirable to elite colleges and universities than students who join many activities. Admissions officers seek students who are the best at what they do, whether it’s landing a three-point shot on the basketball court or mastering music theory.


Although college applicants are told to be well-rounded, students who participate in many activities but do not rise to the top are not ranked as uniquely talented students in the admissions process. The days of joining everything possible to pad a college application are over.


If a student doesn’t rank in their state or nationally for a club, sport or activity, it’s important to demonstrate passion. Colleges are looking for depth. Showing off a portfolio of work or accomplishments related to an interest will garner the attention of admissions officials at the country’s most selective colleges and universities.


What’s more, if a student can show via social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram that they’re a true expert at their sport, club or hobby, it will carry weight with admissions officials.


Students should begin their participation in actives during their freshman year of high school so that they can build a list of accomplishments and expertise throughout their high school career. Also, if a student doesn’t want to stick with something after the freshmen year, they still have time to choose another activity to excel at.


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