Summer Activities to Impress Colleges

on May 30, 2017

Summer is a time for high school juniors to impress colleges. Here are a few activities that students can do to add some bling to their college applications in the fall.




Colleges are placing an increased emphasis on volunteering and service as they weigh applications. Finding an organization in your community to volunteer at will impress college admissions officers. It shows that you care about a cause and can give back to your community. Additionally, if you’re helping out around the house, whether it’s raising a sibling or contributing to a family’s income, be sure to note this on your application. It demonstrates responsibility and maturity.


Get a Job


Landing a summer job shows colleges that you can handle the responsibilities that come with college life. It’s also a good way to save for college. Being a lifeguard, camp counselor or intern are good ways to gain valuable experience while earning money. Sometimes jobs can lead you to additional scholarship opportunities, too.


Apply for Scholarships


The summer is a great time to search for scholarships. Even if a scholarship isn’t accepting applications until later, this is the time to add as many as possible to your list. Scholarships are free money you can use to pay for college, so the more you receive, the better. Sign up for the Cappex scholarship search, where you can build a profile that will match you with relevant scholarships.


Research Colleges


Although the school year is hectic, summer is a good time to figure out where you’d like to apply for college. Now is the time to determine whether you’d like to attend a large or small university, whether a city or rural setting is right and what academic programs best fit your ambitions. Having a list of colleges handy will help your application process in the fall. Like your scholarship search, Cappex can help you find colleges you might not know about or have considered. All you need to do is fill out your profile to be matched with prospective colleges.

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