Summer Jobs for Students

on May 8, 2017

If you must work during the summer, try finding a part-time job that fits your schedule and demands. Remember, when applying for a job, think about how it will benefit you in the future and where you want to be. Here are a few suggestions:




Who doesn’t love life by the pool? Though you might have to spend a few hours a day listening to young children scream, your tan will be flawless by the end of summer. Also, putting a lifeguard job on your resume is beneficial. The position shows you have leadership skills, can handle crisis situations and are able to work in a multi-functional environment. It doesn’t hurt to be certified in CPR, too.


Golf Caddy


Although a more strenuous job that requires both mental and physical memory, golf caddies are the perfect the opportunity for business-related majors. Find a country club in your area to network with local CEOs. You might gain a new mentor or talk yourself into an internship for the following summer.


Camp Counselor


Don’t fight the kid in you. Remember those fun summer camp days? You can return, just with more responsibility and knowledge to share with the younger generation. Help inspire youth in your community and determine whether that elementary education degree is the right fit for you.


Library Worker


Let’s face it, not everyone wants to hang out in the sun all summer. Stay sharp for the upcoming semester while giving your mind a break with books you enjoy. Depending on your local library, there might be paid jobs available.


Campaign Volunteer


If you volunteer for a candidate you believe in, you are contributing to society and making a difference in your community. You also will walk away with firsthand knowledge of how campaigns work and a better understand of politics. Who knows, maybe you can use it on your college application in the future. 


Photo Intern


Prove your photo skills are more than social media worthy. Every business, many professionals and every millennial has a website, headshot or an interest in being photographed. If you’re interested in media, try finding a creative internship or job that allows flexibility and encourages inquiry that can help boost your resume in this high-supply market of work.

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