The Perks of Being a Social Butterfly

on May 26, 2016

Maybe you thought about joining a club or volunteer group freshman year but never got around to it. Then you imagined starting fresh sophomore year … but you still haven’t done it. Is it still worthwhile to get involved? Yes, and here’s why:

You’ll Meet New People
You probably made some new friends last year, but there’s never any harm in expanding your circle, right? Even if you’re perfectly happy with your group, joining a club helps you improve your social skills, learn to make small talk, and get comfortable connecting with people you don’t necessarily have anything in common with.

It’ll Look Good on College Applications
Colleges admissions counselors are on the lookout for well-rounded students or teens who have a talent in a certain area. Become one of the kids they’re dying to recruit by getting actively involved in a club, sport, or volunteer program. The thing that gets you into your favorite school on your college list could be your devotion to a certain extracurricular activity.

You’ll Make Connections
For most high schoolers, the main perk of after-school activities is all the friends they make. But what about all the teachers, parents, coaches, and administrators helping your club along the way? Getting to know one of these people well could be helpful down the road when you’re looking for help with a recommendation letter for your top-choice college or a big scholarship.

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