Time Management Skills for Success in High School and College

on March 22, 2017

Time management is an essential part of success in high school and college. Here are some tips to build habits in high school that you can carry into college:


Create a Schedule


Look at your week and plan out what you’ll do each day. Figure out how much time you’ll spend in class, when you need to do homework and when you need to study. Spread out these activities with extracurriculars so you don’t get burned out. Assign each task to a specific time slot on your daily and weekly calendar. Taking the time to create a schedule at the beginning of the week will keep you organized and on track.


Focus on One Task at a Time


Focus your attention on one task at a time. Multitasking can negatively impact the quality of your work. Eliminate distractions. Turn off your cell phone. Ignore email, text messages, Facebook and Twitter. Close your door. Don’t get sidetracked by unimportant details.


Cluster Your Courses


Schedule your courses together back-to-back so you have longer blocks of free time each day. But allow enough time to get from one class to the next. Just not too much time. Short breaks between classes are often wasted, while longer breaks give you more time for studying. Sometimes it takes a sustained period of time to build momentum when you are working on an assignment or studying for a test.


Break up Big Tasks


Big projects often require more work than you can accomplish in a single day. So, break them up into smaller tasks, so you can spread out the work over several days.


Don’t Do Too Much


Being active in clubs, student government or sports is a huge part of high school and college, but don’t overload yourself. Make sure you have time to do everything you want without overextending yourself. If your activities outside of class and homework are affecting your academics, it might be time to cut back on some of your commitments. Focus on the things you need to do ahead of the things you want to do. Learn to say “no.”


Prioritize Commitments


When examining the things you have to do each week, rank your responsibilities from most to least important. Make sure you do all assignments and study for tests before heading to a party or hanging out with friends. Although it might seem drab, it’ll keep you on pace with your studies and your most important commitments.


Take Time for Yourself


Although it’s important to be organized and fulfill your most important commitments, carve some time out of your schedule for yourself. Being too busy will leave you feeling run down and cranky. It might seem silly, but factoring a mini Netflix binge might be the thing you need to recharge your mind.

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