Turn Your Passions Into Impressive Extracurriculars

on March 21, 2017

If you're particularly passionate about one subject or extracurricular, here are a few ways to make your involvement stand out.


Advertise Yourself


You should be proud of how you spend your time outside of school and how it has positively impacted you, but you also should communicate to admissions officers how you have contributed to your club, team or activity. Whether it’s the debate team, varsity soccer or fencing lessons, these involvements only will be impressive to an admissions officer if he or she gains a better understanding of you while reading about them. Demonstrate your work ethic, your individuality and your personal ambition within the context of your extracurriculars.




You don’t have to be student body president to exhibit leadership skills. In fact, most college applicants never have been student body president. Taking a leadership position in a club or activity will be much more interesting to an admissions officer because it demonstrates your passion.


Colleges don’t want to see that you’ve joined a group or run for a position simply because you thought it would look good on your application. Show them that you're a leader because you care deeply about a particular club or activity.


Demonstrate Versatility


Colleges want to see that you are the type of person who makes the most of any endeavor. Show them that you can be versatile and that you have a variety of interests and skills (even if your extracurricular activities don't immediately seem to reflect that). 

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