Turn Your Summer Fun into a Standout College Application

on May 27, 2016

You've probably planned a lot of fun activities with friends this summer, and maybe even a vacation! But don't let all the warm weather and outdoor time distract you from some other important things you need to do this summer. 

Read and Write
When was the last time you read a book or wrote for fun? Some people truly love these activities, but we often shun them for video games, movies or our phones.


This summer, commit to reading and writing more frequently. That's right, even without a homework assignment telling you to do so. Having stellar reading and writing skills will help you in college and beyond, so pick up a book and get started.


If you haven't already found an organization to volunteer with, now's the time. There are plenty of opportunities to find a cause you're passionate about, and organizations are always looking for people to help out. You won't just be serving your community - you'll also be making new friends, building up your resume, and meeting mentors who may be able to write your college recommendation letters when senior year rolls around.

Find a Part-Time Job
A summer job is a great way to network, gain valuable skills and save some money. College is pricey, and it's never too early (or too late!) to start saving. Most of your earnings should go into a college fund, but don't forget to set aside a little for fun - it is summer, after all!

Apply for Scholarships
It doesn't matter if you're an incoming freshman or a graduating senior - you should always be applying for scholarships! Even if you aren't in the mood to write a long essay or create a video for a more involved application, there are some simple applications you can submit. All you have to do to qualify for the $1,000 Cappex Easy Money College Scholarship is click a button!

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