Cappex Launches New College Admissions Application on August 1

on July 31, 2017

The Cappex Application is a free, standardized and easy-to-use application that students can use to apply for admission to more than 125 colleges. Cappex is launching the new application platform on August 1, 2017. is one of the most popular websites about planning and paying for college. About half of all college-bound high school seniors currently rely on for college admissions and financial aid information, advice and tools. The new admissions application allows students to complete the entire college search and college application process on a single site.


Cappex simplifies the college admissions process by making it easy for students to find and compare colleges, read detailed college reviews by current college students, plan college visits, discover their college admission chances, search for scholarships and apply for college admission.


The Cappex Application is easy to use. It eliminates redundant questions that are not needed for college admissions decisions. The responsive user interface intelligently adapts to all devices used to access the application, whether on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. The Cappex Application is saved automatically after each application question, so nothing is lost if the student’s work is interrupted.


The Cappex Application provides several other important advantages:

  • It’s 100 percent free for all students and is accepted by more than 125 colleges
  • Colleges treat the Cappex Application the same as any other application accepted by the college
  • Log in with a single sign-on, instead of needing to memorize yet another password
  • There is a smooth transition from college search to college application, with links from participating colleges to the Cappex Application
  • Colleges that accept the Cappex Application are clearly identified on the college profile pages and in the student’s college list
  • Students can prefill the Cappex Application with information from their Cappex registration profiles, streamlining the application process 

Get started on your college journey with the easy-to-use Cappex college search tools and the Cappex Application.

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