How to Use the Cappex Application

on August 15, 2016

Forget about stressful and expensive college admissions processes. With the Cappex Application, students can apply to multiple schools without paying any costly fees or writing dozens of repetitive supplemental essays. Best of all, it's a streamlined application that allows counselors and teachers to upload transcripts and letters of recommendation seamlessly.

But how does it all work?

Fill out personal information
The first few sections of the Cappex Application ask students to fill out basic personal information (name, address, etc.) They'll then be able to input their high school name and academic history, along with any ACT or SAT scores.

Towards the end of this section, students will have the opportunity to submit information about any extracurricular activities, volunteer initiatives, or summer programs they participate in. There's also a section that allows applicants to enter information about their work history or internships  

Write the essay
The schools that accept the Cappex Application have agreed to its essay questions. Students will not be at a disadvantage for not filling out supplementary essay questions.

The essay question includes one mandatory 600-word essay and an optional 300-word essay. We strongly recommend students do not write their essay in the text box, but rather write it in a Word document and copy and paste this text into the Cappex Application's essay box.

Get recommendation letters and transcripts
The Cappex Application makes it easy for students to get their transcripts and letters of recommendation to colleges. Students can enter the email addresses of their counselors or teachers, who will receive an email asking them to upload a student's transcripts and/or letter of recommendation. All the counselors and/or teachers need to do is click the link in the email and upload the relevant document.

Students can also choose to have their transcripts and letters of recommendation send separately.

Review your information before selecting a college and major
Students will then have the opportunity to review the information they entered, making sure it's correct.

Applicants can then select which college they want their application sent to and what they intend to major in at that institution. Once they finish up, their application will have been sent to that school.

To send their application to another school, students simply need to click the link on the confirmation page, make sure the personal information entered is accurate and select another college and major to submit the application.


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