Introducing the College Application Manager Tool

on November 3, 2016

Juggling multiple college application requirements, deadlines and application fees just became a lot easier. Cappex has created the Application Manager to simplify the college admissions process, saving you time and money. This new tool will help you stay organized and prepare to apply to your dream colleges! [You must login to Cappex to use the Application Manager tool.]

Keep an organized list of your colleges. You should apply to a mix of safety, reach and match colleges. The Application Manager will allow you to keep a list of all of these colleges in one location. It’s important to have a strategy when compiling this list. After you have narrowed down your list as much as possible, input them into the Application Manager to keep yourself organized!

Compare application methods and costs. No two colleges are the same – even when it comes to the application process. Over 60 colleges accept the free Cappex Application, and they will treat it the same as any other application they receive. However, you may add other colleges to the Application Manager, even if they don’t accept the Cappex Application. This lets you compare the costs of applying to each college on your list and to quickly link to their admissions applications. This feature supports most major admissions application platforms, including the Cappex Application, Universal Application, Common Application and Coalition Application.

Receive email reminders for application deadlines. Think of us as your personal college application calendar. It’s hard to keep track of one application deadline per college. Well, plenty of colleges have multiple deadlines to keep track of – early action deadlines, early decision deadlines, regular admission deadlines, test deadlines, priority financial aid deadlines and regular financial aid deadlines – so it’s easy to get all the dates mixed up! Thanks to the Application Manager, there is no need to worry about this anymore. The Application Manager will keep track of the deadlines for you. It automatically sends email reminders of upcoming application deadlines for every college on your list, right to your inbox!

Apply by clicking on direct links to each college’s applications. Searching for multiple application forms is tedious and time consuming. We get it. For that reason, the Application Manager lets you may apply to every college on your list right from the summary screen. It does not matter if that college accepts the Cappex Application or not. If the college accepts many types of applications, the Application Manager will list them all.

Deciding which colleges to apply to is stressful enough – there’s no need for the application process to add to your stress and confusion, too! The Cappex Application Manager is designed with your needs in mind, so your transition to college is as smooth as possible! Now, you can spend your time deciding on a major or checking your chances of getting into the same college as your best friend, instead of getting lost searching through the dark corners of a college’s web site!

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