The Back-to-School Checklist

on May 4, 2016

Heading back to school is always exciting. Even if you're not 100 percent thrilled about going to class, it's fun to see your friends every day and get back into sports or other hobbies. 

Get Involved


Didn’t join a club, sports team, or extracurricular activity last year? No problem – you’ve still got time. Make sure you get involved with at least one after-school program this fall. Not only will it keep you busy and look good during the college admissions process, it’ll also allow you to meet some new people and expand your social circle.

Think About Community Service


Between homework, friends, and that club you’re supposed to be thinking about joining, it can be hard to make time for civic engagement. But getting more involved with your community has tons of perks – including looking great on college applications! You don’t have to stretch yourself, either. Plenty of volunteer organizations are happy for teens to help out just a few days a month!

Land an After-School Job


A part-time job teaches you responsibility, puts you in touch with great contacts, and also shows admissions counselors you know how to prioritize and manage your time. Bonus: Working after school also lets you save some money for college and scale back on student loans.

Watch Your Grades


Grades are always important, but they get even more critical as you progress through high school. You don't want a poor academic record hurting your chances of getting into your dream school, so do what you can to increase your GPA right now. 

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