Your College Application Checklist

on April 21, 2016

There’s a lot you’ll need to do before you send off your college applications. What if you forget an important requirement and don't get into your dream school? We all have these fears when we're doing something as big as applying to college.

Here’s a checklist of the major things you’ll need to tick off before you send in applications to the schools on your list.

Your Transcripts


High school transcripts list all the classes you took, grades you received, and any other information that’s relevant to your academic career. They’re obviously an important part of your application, so don’t forget to ask your counselor to print official copies. Depending on your school’s policy, your counselor may mail these to the schools you’re applying to, or give them to you to send off yourself.

Your Personal Statement


Most schools require an essay or personal statement so they can learn more about you. This is one thing you definitely don’t want to forget as you’re gathering your documents. Here are some tips for writing a memorable one.

Test Scores


If you didn’t have your SAT or ACT scores mailed directly to all of your top-choice schools when you took the tests, get these sent to any remaining colleges.

AP Scores


Advanced Placement classes make any candidate even more appealing. If you’ve taken even one AP test, get the scores sent to the colleges on your list.

Recommendation Letters


Many colleges request letters of recommendation. Give people time to write glowing reviews by asking them now, rather than a week before the deadline. Not sure how to go about it? Here’s our guide to asking for one and writing a thank-you note afterwards

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