Coping With High School Stress

on March 22, 2016

We all need help sometimes. No matter what type of problem you’re struggling with, there’s always someone to turn to. It’s not uncommon for high school students to feel overwhelmed or overworked, especially when they’re knee-deep in college and scholarship applications; in fact, a study conducted on behalf of the American Psychological Association showed teens report higher stress levels than adults!

We’ve listed out a few of the common problems teens face that can cause stress and where you can turn to deal with them.

Homework and Grades
Turn to your teachers when you struggle with homework or keeping your grades up. That’s what teachers are there for! They want to see you succeed, so don’t feel uncomfortable asking for extra help or clarification on a topic you just don’t get.

If you’re still shy about asking for help from your teachers, turn to friends who are taking the same classes as you. Hearing something explained in a new way or doing homework together may help those tough topics finally click. And don’t forget – your parents were in school once too! Most parents are more than willing to help their teens with schoolwork when they need assistance.

Every high school student has an argument or falling out with a friend or two at some point. If you have another group of friends who aren’t involved in the situation, talk to them about the problem and how you can solve it. Their distance can often help you cool off and come up with a solution to make things right again.

Your parents are also great people to ask when you need help solving an issue with a friend. They’ve probably had a fight with someone they cared about at some point, and they can help you approach the situation in a mature and responsible way.

If your school has a peer mediation program, use it! Getting help from other students in your school you don’t know well can give you a fresh perspective and resolve the problems you’re facing with your friends.

Social Media
With Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, it seems like there’s always pressure to portray your most interesting, smartest, and best self to the world. Isn’t it exhausting? Take a break from social media for a few days – you might be surprised at how little you miss it. If you don’t want to cut it out entirely, limit checking your profiles to just a few times a day.

How to Manage Stress
After talking it out with someone you might still feel concerned, and that’s perfectly normal! You can alleviate your worries by getting regular exercise, eating healthy foods, getting plenty of rest, spending time outside, and participating in the activities you love.

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