How GPA Matters Differently in College

on July 12, 2017

Your grade point average played a big role in getting you into college, but don’t ignore it once freshman year begins. Here are some reasons why your GPA continues to matter during your college years.


Graduate School Applications


Although graduate school isn’t for everyone, don’t rule it out. Earning a master’s degree pays off in the long run, and it’s a great choice if you want to pursue a career as a professor. Keeping your GPA high grants you a much higher chance of being accepted to your preferred graduate program.


Dean’s List


A dean’s list is a collection of students recognized for their outstanding academic achievement, and typically is refreshed each quarter or semester. Being on the dean’s list for multiple quarters can lead to recognition at graduation and increased financial aid. It also makes for a great addition to a resume, as it displays your ability to achieve more than most students. Earning a spot on the list is tied to attaining a high GPA for the term, so study hard if you want to reap these benefits.


Job Applications


Job applications differ greatly depending on what industry you’re entering, with GPA tending to matter more for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) jobs. Supplementing an impressive resume with a high GPA can be the factor that pushes you above other applicants. A high college GPA shows employers your determination to continue succeeding in a more competitive environment.


Financial Aid


Even if you aren’t a regular entry in your college’s dean’s list, showing GPA improvement over time can help you when arguing for more financial aid. Even maintaining a healthy GPA and avoiding the odd C or D puts you in a far better position for receiving merit-based scholarships.


Additionally, if your GPA falls below a certain threshold, it’s possible a university can pull scholarships from you, as many financial rewards require a certain GPA to be maintained.


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