How to Save Your Grades

on April 21, 2016

You started out the school year feeling all right, but a few failed tests and missed assignments later, your grades have slipped and you’re getting nervous. Not only do you not want a bad grade on your transcripts to hurt your admissions or scholarship chances, you also don’t want to start World War III when Mom and Dad see you’re failing. We’ve got your back – here are a few ways to push those grades back up.

Go to Your Teachers and Ask for Help


It’s a simple and obvious first step, but it’s amazing how many students don’t use their teachers as a resource even though instructors are there to help you. If you’re uncomfortable asking for clarification in class, visit during study hall, lunch, or before or after school starts. Not only will you finally start understanding some of the material you’re struggling with, your teachers will be impressed you’ve taken the initiative to improve your grades.

Use Your School’s Tutoring Center


This is another easy way to fix slipping grades, but there’s a little bit of a stigma surrounding high school tutoring or study centers. Ignore the stereotype that these sessions are for nerds and get yourself in there. Getting one-on-one help or hearing something said differently may make everything click.

Get Organized


Get a calendar (no, not the calendar on your phone – a paper calendar) and write down every test, homework assignment, and essay you have coming up in the next month. You can use this to create a study schedule and make sure you’re prepared for every test, turning in every assignment, and staying on top of your work.

Ask for Extra Credit


Not every teacher offers extra credit, but it never hurts to ask. Doing some extra work or turning in old assignments you missed for partial credit is an easy way to earn a few extra points.

Don’t Procrastinate


Whatever you do, don’t wait on it. Time is critical when you’re falling behind – every day you wait means it’ll be harder and harder to earn the grades you want.

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