Your Guide to Finals

on May 6, 2016

No matter if you're taking your finals or midterms, it’s important to do well on these tests! We’ve put together a few tips to ensure all our students do well on their finals this semester. It requires some work, but the payoff (and great grades) will make it worthwhile.

Know How Much of Your Grade Depends on the Test


Some teachers put a big emphasis on finals while others make them worth only a small fraction of your grade. Knowing which classes will ride on your final score is important – you don’t want to be caught off guard and not realize your geometry final will make up half of your semester grade until you sit down to take the test. If your grade depends heavily on your final, it could affect your GPA and scholarship eligibility.

Ask What it Will Cover


Will your final include questions about everything you’ve learned over the semester or only the previous quarter? Are there any especially important topics your teacher will emphasize? Will you need to answer multiple-choice questions, write essays, or provide short answers? Ask if you don’t already know! Most teachers are more than willing to let you know what to expect so you know if you’ll need to study everything you’ve covered since class started or just a few core concepts.

Figure Out Which Study Methods Work for You


How do you learn best? Memorizing flashcards, teaching someone else, or reading about a topic? Everyone is different, so don’t feel pressured to study in a way that doesn’t help you retain any information. Here are a few strategies to get you started.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help


Your teachers, tutors, counselors, and family members are there to help you, so speak up if you’re worried about doing well on your finals. These people are all too happy to help you study, go over material you’re not familiar with and provide useful tips and tricks for memorizing all those math formulas and historic dates!

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