How to Answer “So, where are you going to college?”

on March 15, 2017

As a senior, you get to hang out in the senior courtyard, take the classes you’ve been waiting to take and enjoy the other perks that only seniors get. But, the one thing you might not be prepared for is the question that most students wind up dreading: “So, [insert name], where are you heading off to college next year?”


Why does this question get annoying? Well, for one, you might not know the answer. And for another, any question that is repeatedly asked by anyone and everyone you happen to come in contact with will make you feel like you accidentally stepped into a never-ending inquisition.


So here are four ways to handle this dreaded question:


1. RUN


As soon as you notice the words forming in your podiatrist’s lips, hop off the chair, and run out the door – you can send a pigeon for your shoes later.


If you are not a good runner, or you haven’t trained your pigeon to carry heavy objects quite yet, the next three options might be for you.


2. I’m Still Searching


You might have zero clue where you’re going. In fact, depending on the time of year someone asks you the question-that-shall-not-be-named, you might only be in the beginning of your college search. If this is the case, be honest. Let the inquisitor know you’re really not sure. You can tell them about the colleges you might apply to, or which colleges Cappex has introduced you to. Keep your answer short and sweet.


3. Magic


Don’t underestimate your magician-like skills as a conversationalist. Using misdirection and distraction like a magician, you can make it seem like the question never existed by artfully changing the subject. This takes skill, but, hey, David Copperfield didn’t just make the Statue of Liberty disappear one random morning – he honed his craft (and had a big crew of supporting staff).


4. Bore the Listener


If you really want to teach the person who asked the dreaded question a lesson, give them all the gory details. They’ll realize how much is behind the question – the hours you spent studying for the ACT/SAT, the conversations where you asked your favorite teacher or a teacher you don’t like as much to write you a recommendation, the additional hours you spent studying for the SAT II’s, the time wasted figuring out good topics for your college essays, and the days participating in 10 different clubs that all raise money to help needy children in a third world country – the list goes on!


The more you elaborate, the less likely that person is to ever assault another high schooler with the question:


“So, where are you going to college?”

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