Benefits of Having Different Friend Groups in College

on July 31, 2017

Continuing to branch out and meet others after settling in college is essential to developing a healthy social life. Through getting involved in organizations, meeting people in your residence hall and eating in different dining halls, you can experience the positives of being in separate social circles.


Here are some benefits that come with having different friend groups in college.


Always Something New


By being involved in several friend groups, you’re bound to have a more exciting college experience. Each group will have experiences, activities to get involved in and memories to make. Diversifying your friend group keeps things fresh throughout the year. Just remember to split your time equally from group to group as to not abandon some of your friends.


Scheduling Options


Different friend groups have different schedules, and it can be difficult getting everyone to meet up during the week. Going to class, doing homework, getting rest and studying will all conflict with your social life, and your friends probably will get together at times that conflict with your obligations. Being a part of different social circles increases your chances of having friends to hang out with when you’re free.


Having different friends also gives you different activities to take part in each week. Scheduling around these activities and having different options gives you more freedom and lets you add variety into your weekly plans.


Plenty of Support


Having close friends to pick you up when you’re feeling down is a college must-have. Although you might expect good friends to be available when you need them, college students are busy and need to look out for themselves. Being a part of different social groups gives you more support when you need it.


Avoid Drama


It’s unavoidable. Spend enough time with close friends and there’s sure to be drama at some point. It shouldn’t end your relationships, but social drama can be a burden, especially for those already dealing with a hefty workload or issues at home. It helps to have others to spend time with if one group gets too heated. Having a safe haven in the form of other friends keeps you social and less stressed.

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